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Woman ‘disgusted’ after her mum has to spit out KFC chip that ‘smelled of poo’

A mum and her daughter did not get the finger-licking good KFC experience they wanted, after they discovered a chip that ‘smelled of poo’ amongst their order.

Unfortunately for Katie McAllister’s mother, Carol, the moment of discovery occurred upon popping the stinking chip in her mouth.

Katie and Carol, along with Katie’s 19-month-old daughter, were tucking into a lunchtime box of popcorn chicken at the Torquay KFC branch – which has as five star hygiene rating – when Katie saw her mother spit a particularly crispy chip into her coffee cup lid, reports Metro.

Katie said: “My mum picked up what looked like a chip. She thought it looked a bit too crispy for my daughter so my mum ate it.

“When she put it in her mouth, she said she just knew that it was not right and it was absolutely vile so she spat it out and put it on the coffee lid of the plastic cup and asked me to smell it.

Katie said she almost threw up after smelling the chip

Katie said she almost threw up after smelling the chip (Image: Devon Live/BPM MEDIA)

“When I smelled it, I nearly actually threw up, it was absolutely disgusting.

Katie goes on to say that her mother felt really sick for the rest of the day, adding: “she wasn’t actually sick but she could have vomited up until she went to bed, just from the thought of it.

“I’ve never smelled anything like it.”

Katie returned the chip to the staff and upon smelling it, the branch assistant manager said, “oh god, that is horrendous”.

The mum then insisted the offending morsel be sent off for testing, which Metro reports, the assistant manager allegedly agreed to. The stinky chip was then placed in a freezer, where it remains, untested, much to Katie’s anger and frustration.

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