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‘I’m cooking steak naked for husband on Valentine’s – us women should make an effort’

A controversial mum has vowed to kick her kids out of the house on Valentine’s Day so she can cook steak naked for her husband.

Carla Bellucci was branded “evil” for putting her relationship first on the most romantic date of the year.

She’s promised to serve up a meaty treat for the special occasion – and believes other women should take note.

And she encouraged wives across Britain to don their birthday suits on February 14 to prevent blokes seeking lust elsewhere.

The outspoken former glamour model, 41, told us: “The house is being vacated for the whole afternoon and evening because I want time with my man and we obviously can’t do certain things with the kids around.


The striking blonde wants it to be a day of love to remember (Image: Giovanni Pincay)

“I am going to do a nice steak dinner while naked to treat him.

“Other women should do the same, they need to make an effort. It’s cliche and sexist when people say it’s always got to be the man.

“Don’t get me wrong, Giovanni will treat me, buy me flowers, chocolates and Champagne but it’s 50/50.

“I do think women need to put more effort in, they look like crap and that’s when men wander. Why can’t we treat our man to keep them pleased? Putting in effort works both ways.”

Carla, infamous for blagging an NHS nose job by faking depression, continued: “Make the day important because it’s good for a relationship.


She hopes other mums listen to her by getting frisky for Valentine’s (Image: Giovanni Pincay)
“Sex is good for your soul and it’s good to have fun and let your hair down. You are still human.

“I hate when people say ‘oh we are companions now and sex isn’t important’ because that’s bulls***.

“Sex is so important and you have to keep it going, especially if you have been with someone a while.”

Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, has always been open about sex and last month she got tongues wagging after revealing she was giving her teen daughter twerking lessons.

She did this to help Tanisha, 18, earn fortunes on OnlyFans like she did before quitting the saucy platform last year.

The twerking tips sparked plenty of debate and her upcoming racy Valentine’s plans have already split opinions with her pals.


She quit OnlyFans because it was ‘full of skanks’ (Image: Giovanni Pincay)

She said: “My friends’ reactions were not what I expected. I have been called selfish and evil.

“No wonder some women are single, do they ever make time for their man? I do it because I love it.

“I always do something sexy and wear nice lingerie or cook on Valentine’s Day but my youngest Blu is older this year so I am going to town.

“When I told my friends I am cooking naked they thought I was joking but I was like ‘no seriously I am’.

“I have sexy underwear as well and I just think it’s sad that others don’t do the same.”

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