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Ex-Corporate Banker Says Transition To Becoming A Human Dragon Cost Their Son’s Love

Humans are constantly evolving. Some evolve more than others and create their dream lives. This is the case for Tiamat Legion Medusa, who transformed themselves into a “genderless dragon.”

Medusa’s extreme physical transformation did not sit right with their son. Because of this, they are estranged from each other. Medusa hopes one day to reconcile.

Medusa opened up and told their story to YouTuber Anthony Padilla. They are 61 years old and live in Texas. The last 10 years they have been working hard to achieve their ideal physical appearance.

Medusa was born Richard Hernandez and uses they/them pronouns. Before their transformation, they worked as a successful corporate banker. The conformity of the corporate world never felt authentic to them.

“I was in my late 40s, prior to me living my life as the freak that I am … I already had 79 piercings and most of them were hidden,” Medusa began. “The ones that weren’t I could take out every day and put them back in, which is what I used to do.”

Medusa wanted more freedom to look the way they desired. They wanted to have more piercings and tattoos, which would be taboo in the corporate world. So they left their cushy job to begin pursuing their dragon dreams.

To achieve their ideal look, they split their tongue. They got face tattoos. They even spent $80,000 for horn implants on their forehead.

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Medusa’s son did not approve. “The relationship or the connection with my son has changed,” Medusa revealed. “At the time when I started my transformation, my son had already turned 16, and he rejected me at that point in my life.”

“My son hasn’t been in my life for seven years; I’m hoping that he is at least watching me on the internet because the reason I’m out there in such a big way is for him,” Medusa said.

Medusa also hopes their life serves as an example for others who want to live their authentic truths that may not fit into societal norms. Medusa loves proving people’s assumptions wrong.

“It’s incredible to hear and see people who don’t know me to automatically assume that I’m a loser, I’ve never accomplished anything in my life, or I’m ignorant and probably didn’t graduate from high school,” Medusa said.


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